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Knights and Legionaries

Legionaries of the Order

     Legionaries of the Order are upstanding men who have the desire to seek adventure, learn about history, and make a lasting impact for good in the world. Many Legionaries are current or former military, cadets, or scouts with a passion for helping others. 

Knights of the Order

     Knights of the Order are Legionaries who have been recognized for their proven dedication to the principles and values of Order through their steadfast service and actions.


     All Legionaries of the Order are expected to follow the chivalrous values of honor, courage, loyalty, and respect. Legionaries are expected to train in skills such as the historical art of swordsmanship to strengthen their discipline and resolve.


     The Order of the Silver Star aids local organizations such as Meals-on-Wheels and other humanitarian efforts. The Order also works with various museums and historical sites, providing support for historical preservation wherever needed.


     Legionaries of the Order take part in trips to various historical sites around the country allow members to gain a better understanding of the past with the intention of preserving history. Additionally, Legionaries regularly participate in hikes in the local area, with annual trips nationwide, promoting an active lifestyle.

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