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The Order Crest

The Symbol of the Order:

     The crest consists of a silver eight-point star, wreathed by three pairs of oak leaves, tied at the base by a white ribbon, with swords crossed above the star.  

Components of the Crest:


      The eight points of the Silver Star represent the four core values of the Order; Honor, Courage, Loyalty, and Respect, and the four pillars; FaithHonestyCreativity, and History. The silver color of the star represents excellence.

     The Three Pairs of Oak Leaves wreathing the Silver Star represent our three strengths; strength of our legionaries, strength of our organization, and most importantly, strength of our faith in Christ. The oak leaf was chosen as it has symbolized strength and protection in many ancient military traditions.

     The Crossed Swords above the Silver Star symbolize that we are a fraternal order of Knights and Legionaries, and as such will serve as defenders of the defenseless and of the faith.

     The White Ribbon that ties the heraldry together represents the purity of our purpose and our dedication to the faith.

The Functional Crest

     All Legionaries are granted a patch bearing the crest upon being officially accepted into the Order. Crests are worn upon the right sleeve near to the shoulder to clearly identify membership. The crest on a field of yellow signifies that the Legionary holds an enlisted rank and represents courage. The crest on a field of blue signifies the post of an officer and represents loyalty. Silver Knight's Crests are awarded to Legionaries who are appointed as Knights of the Order and are worn about the neck on a ribbon of white, blue, and silver.

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The Flag of the Order

The Standard

     The Flag of the Order features the Order Crest in the upper canton nearest the hoist and a white cross with the vertical arms appearing a third of the length from the hoist on a blue field. The blue symbolizes the Order's loyalty to faith, country, community, and the Knights and Legionaries of the Order. The white cross represents the Order's knightly purpose and commitment to the Christian faith.

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