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Humanitarian Aid

What We Do

The Order of the Silver Star is proud to provide aid wherever it is needed. The Order has augmented churches with auxiliary volunteers for food distribution events and has worked extensively with our local meals on wheels group, delivering hundreds of commodity boxes since April 2020. The Order proved its expeditionary capability through service to Ukrainian Refugees in Poland during the Russo-Ukrainian War in 2022, and will be returning to provide aid to Ukrainian people in July of 2023. We provide provide assistance to people in need around the world.


Offering Our Assistance

The Knights and Brothers of the Order answer the call when volunteers are needed to provide aid. If your organization is in need of an elite team of motivated and experienced volunteers to assist with humanitarian efforts, please contact us here. Several of the services we offer are listed below:

  • Disaster relief

  • Food distribution

  • Shelter construction

  • Food or clothing donation drives

  • Meals on wheels delivery

  • Clean up events

  • Basic renovation

  • Painting

Making The Difference

The Order of the Silver Star is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization staffed by a dedicated team of volunteers. The Order never charges a fee for its humanitarian services, and we operate solely off of donations. Donations are tax-deductible. Our outreach is made possible by generous local organizations and from donations by individuals in the community. Thank you sincerely for your support. Please contact us to find out how you can contribute.

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